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The Audi Q Range – When you want to get the most out of your A to B, the only answer is Q. As a well-rounded range of smart, adventurous SUVs, they’re made to go the extra mile.

For a limited time at Armstrong’s Audi Wellington, you can get your Audi Q Range SUV with a 5 Year Extended Warranty and 5 Year Service Plan. 

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The Audi Q SUV Range

Audi Q2
Essentially unmistakable - the new Audi Q2. It’s smart, customised, confident and impossible to categorise. It is #untaggable. Because your own ideas show the way, whether in town or off the beaten track, in everyday life or off the clock. The vehicle concept for this newcomer comprises of numerous innovative technologies and a new, impressive style. The revolutionary Audi Q2 breaks entirely new ground.
Audi Q3
The ultimate all-rounder. All grown up. It will come as no surprise that the new Audi Q3 combines luxury, sportiness and intuitive connectivity. It always has. But now it’s matured in dimension and design to become a more spacious, modern version of its best self. All grown up and out to prove that everyday performance should be anything but routine.
Audi Q5
Everyday performance you’ll never get used to. In a world full of possibilities, every day is an opportunity. Don’t leave anything to chance. Whether you're looking for comfort, style or dynamics, this premium SUV will win you over from the word go. Thanks to its expressive look, powerful drive and pioneering technologies. And a wealth of options. Seize the moment, with the Audi Q5.

Audi Q7
We gave it a second look. So will everyone else. The popular Audi Q7 has seen a complete transformation. More confident than ever, the slick new masculine design just can't be argued with. But we know looks aren't everything. Fortunately, the next-generation SUV has the V6 TDI 210 kW engine to back it up.
Audi Q8
Pure driving pleasure, a dynamic exterior, and extensive space – that’s the Audi SQ7. The interior of the family SUV features high comfort and the latest infotainment features. When you press on the accelerator, the 320 kW V8 biturbo TDI engine delivers its power.